If you're like us, you judge a restaurant by the beauty and cleanliness of their bathroom. So, it makes sense to judge social media network bigwigs Twitter and Facebook based off of their offices. (OK, that's tenuous, but you get the point.) Fortunately, the divine Mr. Tate at Valleywag has a boatload of images showcasing both Facebook's and Twitter's Silicon Valley and SOMA headquarters, respectively.

At Twitter [and] Facebook, the staff are smushed together in crowded, open-plan offices. And one of these pictures makes it look like Twitter has people working in the basement or something? For all the superficial nods to the sensibilities of their workers, neither Facebook nor Twitter appears to have invested much in the spaces where these people spend the lion's share of their days.

But still, the work spaces look keen, filled with '90s retro dot-com-ish items like "video games, couches and even mattresses." (Mattresses? Hot. And scary.)

Check out the images here. Then sit back and remember those halcyon days of free organic fruit and Cliff Bar baskets; Zuni lunches; arcade games; and coked-out, rooftop parties. Sigh.