Sadly, we failed to catch this morning's episode of LIVE with Regis and Kelly!. We're sad because View from the Bay's Janelle Wang helped Regis with hosting duties. Wang was a guest host on the morning chatfest "after winning an online contest where viewers, nationwide, voted for her." At the start of the show, reports to KGO, Philbin asked Wang about her plans post-Regis/Kelly appearance. "You're doing very well with your career, what is your next step? When do you dump Spencer Christian?" asked Regis. "Spencer and I are partner and crimes," Janelle replied. Taking another stab at busting her chops, Regis poked, "Oh now, your network bound, big thing. Diane Sawyer can't hold on forever." To which Wang responded, "Thank you, but San Francisco is my home." (Aw!) Anyway, we've heard from several View from the Bay guests that Janelle is "super smart," "surprisingly funny," and "totally sweet," so she's aces in our book. To catch her in action, be sure to watch View From the Bay every weekday at 3 p.m. on ABC 7 or streamed live on To watch a clip of Janelle from this morning's Regis/Kelly, go here.