For those of you not aware of the current rumblings in the SF gay community, Prop 8 is so five minutes ago and everyone (especially local drag star Anna Conda) is UP IN ARMS over an incident from July 31 in which an affectionate gay male couple was kicked out of Internos Wine Cafe on Geary Street for macking on each other. Yes, they were kissing, and were promptly booted out by the owner who also allegedly called them perverts and faggots.

An initial kiss-in was staged at Internos on August 1st, and was followed this past weekend by a larger National Kiss-In, which included the event in Union Square and 50 other cities across the country (video above c/o SF Appeal). The national mobilization follows on an incident in the Mormon-owned Main Street Plaza in Salt Lake City in which two men were detained by Latter-Day Saints security forces for kissing in public. Look for more gay PDA in a neighborhood bar near you.