We put this in yesterday's Day Around the Bay, but since so many of you reacted with pure, unadulterated rage, we feel it necessary to give it its very own post. What we're talking about is this: resurrecting the CultureBus 74x. See, a new site popped up this weekend, RestoreThe74, which bemoans the loss of the little, yellow, different 74x that got you from one richly-textured SF landmark to the next, in record time with record leg room.

RestoreThe74 urges for the return of the 74x. Its mission statement is simple:

Remember a simpler time? When you could ride a bus from cultural landmark to cultural landmark, marveling as the city unfurled beneath your wheels? Every day for a couple of hours, the Culture Bus -- the 74x -- set off every sixty minutes to tell the story of San Francisco, all for the price of a very bad haircut. And there was always plenty of room to stretch out. It’s time to bring it back.

And how.

Sadly, there's already talk of anti-74x hate sites on the horizon, manned by angry people who want to turn SF into a culture-free zone. Can AbhorThe74 be far behind? Stay tuned, or read more about it over at SFAppeal.