The fine folks in the Walnut Creek City Council scheduled an emergency meeting (!) this morning to deal with their very first permit request to open a medical marijuana dispensary. It seems their city doesn't yet have any laws permitting, regulating, or disallowing pot clubs, so the intent of the meeting is to pass a 45-day moratorium, renewable up to two years, while they figure out what the fuck they're going to do about these quickly encroaching marijuana maniacs!

The mayor doesn't seem majorly opposed, though her suggestion that such establishments might be more appropriate for "medical areas," such as their local Kaiser compound, would mean placing the pot club across the street from a high school. Apparently the pot people (the C3 Collective) have already been talking up their new, BART-adjacent location on the internet, announcing "a grand opening in Walnut Creek at the Oakland Blvd address for a boutique medical marijuana dispensary that would also offer yoga, pilates and acupuncture." Awesome.