The delicious folks over at Mission Mission have some very sad news. Well, sad for those of you who care about the Mission and/or Dolores Park. It seems Lisa from everyday photos (a mighty fine site featuring a glorious array of SF images) informed MM that the much-loved A Sunday Afternoon at Dolores Park--a re-imaging of George Seurat's --was defaced recently. The mural, located at 19th Street and Guerrero, was tagged by graffiti artist Musk.

How unruly.

Anyway. Musk's addition, if you will, has caused all kinds of ire, prompting MM's Kevin Montgomery to say: "[Musk's] been degraded from 'street artist' to '15-year-old boy with mommy issues.'" Which raises an interesting point: are you still an esteemed Mission scribble wunderkind if you poop on another artist's work? Um, oops, Musk didn't deface it. But he did (allegedly) deface residential buildings and houses in the Mission. So. Yeah. There you go.

It also raises a more important point: Dolores Park should stage an outdoor setting of Sunday in the Park With George, the Pulitzer Prize-winning Sondheim musical based on Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte. It would be most splendid. Really. Not only would Dolores Park prove a perfect setting, but it would be so much more entertaining than that Communist Mime Troupe, or whatever it's called, that's staged there annually. A sample of the show waits for you after the jump.

Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte