As the southwestern neighborhoods of San Francisco continue to gain momentum in the public eye through the Western Neighborhoods Project, violent freeway proximity crime, fairly "reasonable" home prices, and stellar coverage from SFist, it's no surprise that neighborhood blogs are starting to emerge from places most San Franciscans never thought existed (or believed were in Daly City).

One such blog has recently launched, called the Sunnyside Herald, authored by Sunnyside resident Steve Robles who has lived on Monterey Blvd. (that's hardcore Sunnyside) since 2002. Robles' blog not only provides relevant information for Sunnysiders about things like the always dramatic, never dull Sunnyside Neighborhood Association meetings, changing bus lines, and what will hopefully be a better, less ghetto Safeway on Monterey post-renovation, but also tidbits about the neighborhood that may be of interest to those of you who reside north of the Glen Park BART Station. That is, unless you couldn't care less about Sunnyside's beautiful Conservatory, which is currently undergoing restoration and is looking quite smart these days.