While looking for more lofty loft images just like this one over at Curbed -- seriously, we view this awesome SOMA pad at least twice a day; just look at that bathroom! -- we came across a plea by RichmondSFBlog, asking for a Street Plaza of their own, similar to the one at Castro and 17th Street. The Richmond, a San Francisco neighborhood that deserves the utmost respect and attention, would be perfect, RSFB claims, because they have "a host of areas where traffic and pedestrian safety is at odds (think Fulton Street corridor, Park Presidio Blvd)." Sarah B. goes on to say that "[p]azas like these, even ones that are just filled with landscaping, help signal to drivers that they’re in a pedestrian area." Sounds like a great idea. But where should said hypothetical plaza be, the Inner Richmond or Outer Richmond? Which is better, readers? Discuss. (via Curbed)