We adore stuff like this, things that boil down the complicated and tenuous class, race and sociopolitical tapestry of San Francisco into convenient sweeping generalizations. And, which ever rapscallion took a black Sharpie to this Muni map, put below the jump due to NSFW art, deserves some sort of award. (In addition to a fine and a slap on the bottom.) It is, in a word, hilarious.

Think you can come up with a better one than the two below? Create your own map of San Francisco (extra points go out to MS Paint users and the abominably clever, but do not ruin any actual Muni maps) and send it to [email protected]. If we get enough of them, we'll post them in one bunch. Hilarity promises to follow.

Thanks goes out to Flickr user Dream Not of Today for sending the vandalized map our way.