According to KRON4, folks are lined up outside the downtown Apple store to grab one. And, according to Darya Folsom, it's nuts! But, look, check out this Craigslist ad, which takes all of the line-waiting out of buying a new iPhone. It also takes all of the dough out of your pocket. Behold.

Hi there.

2 iPhones available. 1 Black, 1 White. WITH RECEIPT. $799 ea. plus tax, which was about $55.

I was in line very early this morning so you didn't have to be. I will deliver or meet you in San Francisco. Cash only and I'd prefer to meet at a bank of america so I don't have to carry all that cash around.

16GB iPhone 3GS $599 + tax + $200 for sitting out here since 4am = ~$850 for a brand new, no contract iPhone 3GS.

Pics are of actual phones with actual receipts.

Would any of you pay the extra $200 for one of these newfangled iPhones? If so, what is wrong with you?