In case you missed it when it arrived on the web scene last year, VICE Magazine went inside North Korea and did a 3-part series in which head bad boy Shane Smith took a cameraman pal inside the DMZ and as deep into the country as they were permitted to go (after the jump, CBS's Early Show had Shane on to comment this morning). At one point in Part 2 of the series shown here, Shane makes the prescient observations that "these are some serious, serious dudes." Shooting willy-nilly whenever they got the chance, Shane and his pal were, like Euna Lee and Laura Ling, threatened with being charged with "grave acts against the republic," (around 9:30) but in Shane's case, he's really too drunk and too entitled to take them seriously. If only North Korea had chosen this moment, 16 months or so ago, to nab a couple of American North American journalists in a political stand-off.