June -- also known as the time of year when queer movies litter KQED and theater screens; lesbians come out of hiding, sporting oversized t-shirts and flip flops in an effort to remind us that they're still here; and gay men get their dealers lined up in a row for the big day -- could officially become Gay Pride Month in Contra Costa County. According to NBC Bay Area, "history could be made this morning at the Contra Costa Bounty Board of Supervisors meeting as they consider branding June as Pride Month" via some sort of resolution. CoCo County, it seems, has the 10th largest queer population in the state of California. Hence the resolution. So, yeah, there you go. In SF Pride news, the gays need volunteers to help erect the giant pink triangle in the Castro. You will most likely get a free doughnut if you help out. Probably. For more information of volunteering, visit www.thepinktriangle.com.