A crazy story just surfaced from the Napa Valley Register about Dannille Vanderpool, a police dispatcher who claimed to have both ovarian and brain cancer and subsequently scammed her way into free childcare, a home renovation, fundraisers, cash donations, and free time off from work. She shaved her head and wrote of her struggles with cancer on MySpace, apparently seeking public sympathy of the sort that only a few hundred animated, glittery Get Well .gif's can provide.

It turns out the MySpace blogging was part of her undoing, with one suspicious friend ultimately calling bullshit right after seeing a post go live about eating "hospital eggs" and driving to Dannille's house ten minutes later to find her peeking out of the curtains. The kicker: another friend who was a breast cancer survivor was also put off because Dannille didn't act too much like a cancer patient. "As soon as I found out I had cancer, I quit drinking (and) started taking all sorts of organic things, but here I am watching her at parties playing beer pong,” [said friend and police officer Wendy Daniels]. Here's a 2007 story the Register wrote about Dannille and her cancer, before they saw the beer pong and knew the truth.