Here's yet another story on how Yelp are bullies, via Eater. Robert, a coffee blogger in Vancouver had signed up for a Yelp account a few weeks ago, but didn't do anything with it until he heard from Crystal H, who told him she was looking for good coffee places to check out. Crystal convinced Robert to start putting his cafe reviews on Yelp, telling him she had received a lot of traffic to her own website through Yelp ("much more than Twitter").

Robert posted sixteen reviews in a couple of days and was getting a lot of good feedback from other users. He also included a link at the bottom of each review to his own site, which Crystal told him was a no-no (but Yelp still allows users to submit them). She then instructed Robert to start reviewing other venues besides cafes, and to please put some "Yelp Bling" on his site to drive traffic to Yelp. A bit pushy, wouldn't you say?