Anti-reduce, reuse, recycler-er Justin Clarke, AKA SF Libertarian Examiner, would like to tell you something. He would like to tell you that Newsom's alleged plan to criminalize not recycling stinks worse than Ayn Rand's rotting corpse. "Whether you think that recycling is valuable or not (I vote not)," Clarke muses, SFPD shouldn't force you to recycle in the same way "that the police shouldn’t be in charge of getting you to change your underwear." (Which, for argument's sake, they SHOULD be in charge of you changing your underwear. That, and not wearing flip flops, forbidding you to wear Drakkar Noir, and to demand you take regular showers. Really, there's no reason the barrel of a gun should not enforce these rules.)

Clarke then evokes the memory of a "classic" 1968 article by E. W. Dykes page-turningly called “Demunicipalize the Garbage Service.” Which? Makes very little sense. Fortunately, Clarke spells it out for us. Ahem:

The point he is making is a good one - my breif synopsis hardly does it justice, and it is well worth a read in it's entirity. War is a state activity. Many would say that war is the health of the state and the ultimate expression of government, the naked use of force. Stopping that use of force on an international is extremely unlikely until we recognize its immorality on a local level. Telling the government to leave you alone when they order you to suit up and kill is as important as denying the government legitimacy when they assume the right to control what you do with your trash.

Again, we really have no idea what he's talking about. But this special brand of kooky can mean only one thing: SF Libertarian Examiner is our new favorite read.