OK. We've seen this windshield sign for the past few months when we pass by Folsom and 13th Streets, which was initially brought to our attention by Examiner columnist Melissa Griffin. But today, we can no longer resist sharing it with you. Because it scares us and we hope none of you ladies actually respond to it. It reads:

Females wanted: to help get my owner motivated to put me back on the road. Must be tall, athletic, and willing to dance naked on my roof at burning Festival. Possible long term relationship for the Right Girl! (I would prefer a posse of .. but he think a [monogamous] relationship can work. Any correspondence to Jeep Man @ 1695 Folsom St SF CA will be promptly replied to.

Any phone # in lipstick on windshield will be call Immediately! (if not sooner)

Women only
No exceptions
No flakes fakers