"It"s Official"

And so begins San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom's announcement that he will, in fact, run for Governor of California. Which most of you already knew. He announced it over Twitter, which was impressive. We guess. But in lieu of copying and pasting today's press release in its entirety, we'll pull a few amuse-bouches from it, giving you an idea of what it says.

"Please contribute today, so together we can create the kind of campaign that changes California."

"Contribute today and help us take the fight for excellent and affordable health care to all of California. "

"Contribute today and we’ll build the kind of campaign that can force Sacramento to stop bickering about better schools and start creating them."

"Join us, and we’ll create the kind of state government that stops searching for someone to blame and starts finding solutions." [??? -- SFist]

"Join us in a new kind of campaign that gives all of us the tools we need to make change. Join us on Facebook, Twitter or at www.GavinNewsom.com. Make your voice heard and help us make real change. "

"P.S. You can help us get off to a great start by making a contribution right now and forwarding this announcement video to your friends and family."

"...universal health care..."

Newsom may come face to face with Attorney General Jerry Brown, state Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, former eBay CEO Meg Whitman, and former San Jose Rep. Tom Campbell during his bid for Sacramento. Democratic Lt. Gov. John Garamendi is running, but may run for congress instead.

Good luck, Gav!