CLUB: The PR rep who sent us an email about tonight's event had this to say: "I know you and your dear readers are generally not terribly fond of Supperclub and the usual goings on there ... but tomorrow night there is a special and very out-of-the-ordinary event happening there. I hope you will consider looking past your anti-Supperclub feelings and check out this event." How could we resist? (Also, we here at SFist reserve a special place in our heart for any venue with private bathrooms.) So, be sure to check out "Tomfoolery" at Supperclub in the LoRi district, featuring top-notch performers, great DJs, and $3 beer and wine. What's more, it's on a Wednesday night, so the normal weekend Supperclub crowd (read: ick) will be absent. Really, it's a win-win.

9 p.m. // Supperclub (657 Harrison) // $10-$20

FILM: Jim Henson-directed puppet movie Labyrinth (1886) is the next best thing to dropping acid. Added bonus: a "curvy" Jennifer Connelly!

7:15, 9:25 p.m. // Red Vic Movie House (1727 Haight) // $8.50