Just after Ross Mirkarimi's pro-life hummus breath suggested a citywide ban on foie gras - you know, in addition to the other one set to go in 2012 -- Gavin Newsom also kowtowed to PETA by temporarily banning the hotly debated dish at all Plumjack restaurants. (Pft.) We say "temporarily" since they want to replace the right way too make the deliciously plumped duck/goose liver with some sort of "humane" way. (You're lucky you boast a superb happy hour, Jack Falstaff; otherwise, we'd be picketing outside your doors wearing this.)

Plumpjackeries include Balboa Cafe, Jack Falstaff, PlumpJack Cafe, and the Boon Fly Café.

If you want to break your foie gras hymen or taste it again for the very first time, check out this list of local restaurants that still serve the controversial dish.