Further proof that engineers and Peninsula tech folk are scary Asperger Syndrome types from which you should stay far, far away, Santa Clara police claim that the shooter who murdered his family in a murder-suicide over the week was an engineer at Yahoo. KCBS reports that police identified the gunman as 42-year-old Devan Kalathat (nee Raghavan Devarajan). While Kalathat's wife managed to escape, he successfully took the lives of his 11-year-old son, Akhil Dev; 4-year-old daughter, Negha Dev; his brother-in-law, 35-year-old Ashok Appu Poothemkandi; his sister-in-law, 25-year-old Suchitra Sivaraman; and the couple's daughter, 11-month-old Ahana Ashok.