by Moses Namkung

OK Go's music video for "Here It Goes Again" has over 45 million views on youtube. 45 million! That's several million more than Sneezing Panda (33 million)... Ms. Like Such As In South Africa and The Iraq Everywhere Like Such As (idiot, 33 million)... and Daft Punk Hands (29 million)!

And that music video is what made this L.A.-based quartet of dapper gents (formerly the house band of This American Life) so famous. So upon entering Great American Music Hall, your friendly SFist correspondent was slightly sad that there were no treadmills in sight; a reenactment of that routine alone would have been worth the price of admission. Kind of like how "Tubthumping" made the $12 for Tubthumper worth it. Or not.

GAMH definitely came alive when the band played "Here It Goes Again" halfway through the hour-long set, following it with "What to Do", played solely on handbells. Shtick and all, OK Go put on an upbeat, poppy show (do they have any songs in minor keys?), mixing in new, upbeat, poppy songs with their older hits. Neon tambourines were tossed into the crowd and the confetti blasted, and at one point, frontman Damian Kulash jumped down into the audience, teeming with the appreciative, clutching, teetotaling under-aged.