Instead of busting another myth, Mythbusters accidentally busted residents' windows in Yolo Country yesterday. The locally-produced Discovery Channel show, it seems, was attempting to literally "knock the socks off" a mannequin via the ignition of 500 pounds of ammonium nitrate. (!?) But the boom was just too big. According to KCRA 3, "the explosion was so big it shook the town of Esparto, knocking [Sherril] Stephens off her couch and breaking her front window." Resident Paul Williams said, "It felt like a house blew up, straight up." The reason the public and school were not notified of the explosion beforehand, as Esparto Fire Department Chief Barry Burns explains it, is because 'Mythbusters is supposed to be a really popular show. Everybody would have been out there. We would have had to cancel it because it would have been too dangerous." Aside from Stephen's sore bottom, no one was was injured due to the explosion. And no word yet whether said socks were literally knocked off.