HuffPo writer and author of TASTE (a cooking blog!) Isabel Cowles has come down on Out Patron Saint of Organic Sprigs Alice Waters. She says what most people are afraid to say about Waters and the slow food movement: it's too expensive. Cowles says, "If Ms. Waters is serious about changing the national food system for all Americans, she needs to get down and dirty on the economic issues tied to her edible ethos. At present, the food Waters espouses--clean, local and organic--is not sustainable to the American wallet." Too true. If Waters can address this issue -- which she really should do; tell us this economic climate is a surmountable challenge to live an organic lifestyle, or just tell us po' folk to stick to our Sonic burgers -- this fresh food philosophy might be a tad more accessible. Until then, we'll be sticking to the 'conventional' produce section at Whole Foods.