Oh, Indybay.org, you know we like you. Why? Because you're so hot-headed and loopy; the flipside to zombietime, if you will. But this takes the soy-based vegan carrot cake.

Your most recent "report" on Lovelle Mixon's murder spree ("Angry Oakland Police Kill African American Man in Haste; 4 Die, One Critical") doesn't do you, or anyone else, any good.

On Saturday, March 23rd, for the second time in recent months, police in Oakland shot and killed a young African American man apparently after prematurely resorting to the use of deadly force when alternative remedies were available. This time, the haste on the part of police caused them to lose two of their own just after two other officers had just been shot, with one killed, at a separate location.

And it just gets worse.

There's looking at all sides of a situation, acting carelessly yet irresistibly flip, and being downright delusional. This is a case of the latter. Really, Indybay, this kind of faux-social justice speech gives all of us real anarchist liberal hippie nut fruitcakes a bad name.