New information is coming out about Lovelle Mixon, the man accused of shooting four Oakland police officers during a routine traffic stop Saturday afternoon. The Oakland parolee, according to SF Chronicle, "was a wanted man and deliberately skipped out on a meeting as part of a feud he was having with his parole agent."

While Lovelle's grandmother, Mary Mixon, sent out best wishes to the officers families, saying, "Our hearts and prayers go out to the officers' families....This shouldn't have happened," his sister, Enjoli Mixon defended her dead brother. "He's not a monster," she said. "I don't want people to think he's a monster. He's just not. He's just not."

Before (allegedly) committing yesterday's tragic murders, Mixon was also busted for assault with a deadly weapon during an armed robbery in San Francisco.

Mixon's stunning quadruple homicide will add even more stress to the already tenuous relationship between the community and cops.