Karen O -- the skinny, tall, retarded kitten-ish frontlady of Yeah Yeah Yeahs -- is the main culprit behind the phenomenon that led most women to believe they could pull of bangs. Here she is tearing up the street of San Francisco Yeah Yeah Yeahs's latest video "Zero," off their March 10-release album, It's Blitz!.

When asked to explain the video for "Zero,", former NYU student O clarifies, "It made sense that the visuals would take you on a journey and keep you on the move -- no sitting still for too long in the city landscape of bright lights, dark alleys and glittering streets. 'Zero''s sentiment is to revel in being you -- you're a zero so screw it! It's the underdogs, the rebels, the outsiders that have always captivated me growing up so I decided why not flaunt that side of myself in the video."

You can also see the Warfield in the video! Enjoy.