The 17-year-old boy who had been reported missing in the water near Davenport Beach early his week has been identified as Dennis Cyncor-McMillan of Los Gatos. According to reports, "[a]round 4 a.m. Monday, Dennis and his 17-year-old friend decided to swim to a pinnacle a short distance out in the rocky cove." After straying from his pal, the Cal Fire, State Parks, U.S. Coast Guard, La Selva Fire Department, a boat, and a helicopter failed to find him. The search has been suspended.

Cyncor-McMillan was described as "popular on many fronts." Dennis, the Mercury News goes on to report, "was a member of the Los Gatos High School football team, and he would be the second player on the team to die suddenly in the past few months. Michael Halpin, a member of the team, collapsed at school and died Dec. 2."