One of two things happened over at 1) Somebody hacked the interwebs, and posted this casual faux-resignation letter Sunday morning, or 2) news editor Cynthia Laird is peeved. Since Laird is a respected journalist in these parts, very much civic minded about her community, and too overqualified to spritz homosexuals with bronzer, we're going to assume the former.

But for your amusement, behold:

A kind word from the editor.
Sunday, March 8, 2009

I am sick and tired of these fucking faggots roaming MY streets. The same streets that my children walk. They act like fucking women and I am tired of it. I dont give a pure shit about your fucking rights for equal buttsex. I dont care about your equal rights to steal a fucking job at a tanning salon so you can do nothing but talk trash about my 13 year old daughter. Fuck you faggots. Fuck you in the ass. Go fornicate yourself with a rusty metal pole. I FUCKING QUIT. FUCK THIS JOB. IM DONE.

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And thank heavens they used "fornicate" in lieu of "fuck" in the above missive; otherwise, one might have considered this a bit off-color.

That said, try to stay strong, print publishing ilk. Some of you seem to be going off the rails this month. And please stay away from any tall towers and all assault rifle shops.

UPDATE: According to Cynthia Laird, "Yes, this is fake. I just deleted [it]."