Well, is a post we haven't had to write in awhile -- an angry Supervisor Chris Daly lashed out at a meeting last night! Obscenities may have been used! Oh, yay!!! We've missed blogging about Chris Daly!

Daly apparently dropped an f-bomb on Michael Scanlan, the head of Caltrain, after Scanlan expressed concern about accepting $400 million in stimulus money to extend Caltrain into SF when people still weren't sure if the SF design proposal would work. After the meeting, Daly started shouting at Scanlan for veering off message without giving Daly a heads-up first.

Scanlan's all like, I'm sure Chris just feels passionately about things. Daly had no comment when Matier and Ross asked him about it. Oooh, we hope this doesn't count as pushing the meme of Daly the bully.

In other dog bites man news, Gavin Newsom was busted being a hypocrite, this time about drinking bottled water (he blamed it on his security detail).