Before we post a few festive Valentine's Day events -- you know, fun ones with other lonely single folks; parties that will, hopefully, keep you from taking the final Nestea plunge over the Golden Gate Bridge -- let's commiserate on those who have broken our hearts. For Friday fun, share with us in the comments the most bizarre and/or depressing way in which somebody broke your heart. Or, if you must, how you viciously broke someone else's. And why. Did you do it via text? Did you fire her just so she would breakup with you? Did the crazy bitch slice open an artery in your bathroom? Did you lie and say you were gay?

We've all been there before, having our egos shattered to shards. So please take a minute to vomit up your inner most moments of anguish in our comments.

We'll start. Ahem:

Over the phone he said,"This is going to sound mean, but redheads really gross me out. Your hair sketches me out big time. Sorry."

Now it's your turn.