Mayor Gavin Newsom sent out his latest exploratory missive about running for Governor for the state of California. Yay.

Newsom starts out declaring, "When I first started talking to friends and family about running for Governor, I was excited at how much enthusiasm there was for the idea." Which? Might not be the truth. That is, if you go by what a few "insiders" claim about Gavin, that he loathes being in politics, this enthusiasm just isn't the case. Then again, who wouldn't be high on the power and attention politics brings? He's in an envious and addictive position. How could he not love it?

Anyway, the best part of this latest burst of exploratoriness, as SF Weekly and SFBG have already noted, is that even his father is meh on the notion of his son running the Golden State. (Perspective time: Newom is still miles better than Arnold or eBAY blondie.) Check it out:

That’s why I was a little taken aback when I asked my father what he thought. Without hesitation the man whose opinion I value most came out and said it:

"Don’t do it Gavin."

I think my father must have seen my face - because he immediately said - "Of course I think you would do a great job - it’s just that nobody is going to be able to solve the state's problems. I don’t want to see you fail in a job that's impossible to do right now.”

This is, almost word for word, the same speech our father gave us when we carelessly tried out for the football team.

Newsom goes on to say, "I hope all of you get a chance to meet my dad. He is the smartest, toughest and most caring person I know."

Gavin, we're open most of next week, name the time and place!

(To read the press release in its entirety, follow the jump.)