Sometimes we forget the Academy of Art is here to produce top-notch graphic designers and film artists, not just litter the streets of SF with new takes on fashion. In fact, the school even has an athletics department. Did you know this? We did not. And it seems USF smeared the Academy of Art basketball team, the Urban Knights, the other day. But as Rick Chandler at Deadspin notes, even though "it's the largest private art school in the nation, ... its men's basketball team isn't that terrible." In between fashion design midterms and broadcast journalism classes with the governor from Silence of the Lambs, they've managed to win three games so far this season. The basketball team "was started from scratch this season so that the school could compete in NCAA Div. I." In addition to shooting hoops, AAU also offers competitive opportunities in tennis, baseball, lacrosse, golf, cross country, volleyball, and more. But, thankfully, they have no football team. (Good thinking on nixing the footballers, Elisa. Gotta get that date-rape stat down low.) Update: This sporting match game was played in November of '08. Oops.