One of the perks of being behind-the-scenes here at SFist is that we get to read all of the angry comments that come after a story has moved away from the home (or first five) pages. Typically they are the of the 4a.m. meth'd-out variety (our favorite kind, really). But after a post lingers in purgatory, frequently a MSM news source will pick up on it and it will cull all kinds of fresh voices. Take, for example, the "Map of Prop 8 Donors" post, which has garnered some news comments as of late. Comments we'd like to share with you.

SFist commenter italian415 pounded his (presumably hairy) chest yesterday with this gem.

I made a contribution to YES on Prop 8 as well. I invite any activist, whether they be gay, straight, black, white, whatever, to do what you deem necessary with the information you have been given. May I warn you, should you trespass or harass me in any way, shape, or form, I will use physicality to force my opinion on you. I will not hold back. So come one, come all. You have got my address, name, and company. Bring it. I am always fully stocked, locked, and loaded.

italian415 fails, however, at giving his name or the address to his compound. And we're simply dying to see said physicality IRL. Alas.