Occupying the former space of Cassidy's (which was The Watering Hole many moons ago), Bloodhound debuted into the SOMA scene last week with its welcoming atmosphere and reasonable prices. During the past month, we've been moist with anticipation over the gutting of the space located on the corner of Hallam and Folsom. It's finally here and it's time for a place like this. We haven't received any reports of a glamorous limp request from our favorite neighborhood activist (you know, the one that was kerfuffled over sexual outlaws in SOMA). It appears that this place escaped her radar.

bloodhound3.jpg The consortium that brought us The Ambassador and Double Dutch have created a space that is certainly welcome amongst the bridge-and-tunneler clubs and bear/leather bars that are prominent in this part of SOMA. Certainly, there's nothing wrong with those places, but diversifying our neighborhood nightlife without destroying it is the potential with Bloodhound.

We had the opportunity to check it out on their first Friday night: it was butt-to-nut/boob-to-back. When we stopped by for an evening post-dinner drink on Saturday, it definitely had more of a neighborhood feel. A passer-by peeked her head in the door with surprise because it "looks better and smells better than what was here before." So true.