We know, we know, it's small potatoes after Illinois reminded us all how political corruption is , but poor former SF supervisor Ed Jew, whose only "f***in' golden" bargaining chip was not a Senate seat formerly occupied by the new president, but instead just a bubble tea shop, is still fighting on -- today's Matier and Ross reports that Ed made a special trip up from Burlingame to appear in the glamorous halls of the San Francisco small claims court in a fight with his former lawyer. Has it really come to this?

Well, yes it has -- so it turns out that Ed originally filed an arbitration claim against former DA candidate Bill Fazio (one of his many attorneys), for overbilling. Ed lost on most of his charges (Fazio, as you may remember, probably had run up quite a tab trying to find Ed after Ed quit returning Fazio's phone calls and emails) -- except the arbitrator said Fazio owed his former client $3150 in court fees.

Fazio, who seems to be holding quite a grudge now, then sued Ed in small claims court claim(which is where you go if someone owes you $7000 or less), claiming he didn't owe Ed the money, and they both showed up there last week. The Chron said no decision had ben made yet, but we just checked the court website and it looks like as of today, Fazio lost, and will have to cut that check to Ed after all. (if you can't access the docket from that link, go here and look under Case Number CSM-08-827432.)

Well, we're glad to see Ed Jew's made some money out of this entire Quickly shakedown scheme, at least! Bubble teas all around!