After all the brouhaha the Yes On 8 sect put the courts through finally subsided -- trying to keep proposition 8 donor name hidden, even though they were the first ones to threaten physical, emotional, and financial harm to those who donate to No on 8 -- a new batch of prop. 8 donor names was released today. If you recall, proposition 8, the anti-same sex marriage amendment, passed in November. The amendment, if given the green light by the state supreme court, will effectively allow hate, discrimination and certain religious beliefs into the state constitution.

You can find the new names on the Secretary of State's site. (Also, their website sucks. That's the real news story here, that even though California leads the way on internet technology, the state's own site is an embarrassing, unusable relic.) Aside from Ignatius Press in Napa and former San Francisco broadcaster Gary Bryan, we don't recognize many of the names on the list. But we're sure there are more to come.

So there you have it.

On a related note, set up a Twitter feed. Created by SFist Mattymatt, we cannot recommend this site enough.