Photo Credit: Kwaku Alston
Sarah Dash is one busy woman. If you can’t catch her at LaBelle’s 30 year reunion show at the Paramount on Friday you could always check out her solo work buy her perfume, listen to her motivational speeches, or get involved with one of her many charitable activities. If we’re lucky she may even do another stint at Teatro Zinzanni in the city. In between all of this Dash answered a few questions for us about her time out here and what to expect at Friday’s concert.

Have you spent time in the Bay Area?
I spent time in the Bay Area the summer of 2007, doing Teatro Zinzanni playing the role of the chartreuse. I started out there in May and we finished the first week of September. It was one of my better summers. I took the ferries; I walked up and down the pier. San Francisco has great spa treatment places.—private sessions of Japanese Shiatsu. I joined the Bay Club, they had wonderful treatments there. Working with the opera singers there== Svetlana, she’s wonderful. Teatro’s costume designer, Beaver is just one of the most wonderful people. The directors have great creative vision for their production. They make it all work in that room. I did speak to the Bay City youth centers out there. I do motivational speaking for children at risk or women suffering from domestic violence. I visited Glide Church, they had a choir there that just knocked me to my feet. I also visited Reverend Smith’s church in Oakland. That was wonderful to see.

What should people expect at the concert?

They will see us come to bring back the music we sang in the 70’s. The costumes are basically what you see on the cd—with a little more, with one costume change. We always have choirs and we always have a surprise guest, of note, to introduce us. Songs from the new cd, some from the old stuff. We have a band we are absolutely proud of. You’ll see the band director’s vitality. You’ll see three women who are in our 60’s still working still giving all that we can we give.

What songs are you enjoying performing these days?
Good intentions, Without You in My life, What Can I Do for You--- Lady Marmalade is always lots of fun. I enjoy our music. Nona has written some great songs for us. I like the quality and the noting in the way she writes. She’s one of the great poets of our time in this country. It’s just wonderful to know that you know someone who can think that way. Patti’s voice is just one of a kind, it is Heaven sent. When something powerful takes over she just goes.