One of the few people left at the Chronicle with a sense of clarity -- not to mention razor-sharp wit -- comic extraordinaire Don Asmussen is offering what could very well be the best gift in the history of the holiday season. Ever. See, the mind behind Bad Reporter will create a cartoon strip portrait of you or a loved one as a gift for the holiday season (or birthdays, Easter, Groundhog Days, whatever.)

Asmussen tells SFist, "I've been doing them as goodbye cards for a decade at the Chron and they are always popular, and over the last few years readers have started asking about doing them as a regular thingy."


And all you have to give him is a brief bio and photo of the loved one you want captured in cartoon form. In return you'll get a 16x20 poster of said person's life, who will be the envy of San Francisco with a specially Asmussen poster! (Price is totally negotiable for an individual's budgets.)

To get your own, contact him at [email protected]. Do it. Now.