Previously to that, we had the awesome episode where they blindsided Randy and it was awesome in its awesomeness. Post-tribal council Bob was peeved about all the laughing that went on over Randy's gullibility, even though he went along with the plan in the first place. He has a point, but we're talking about Randy here, and as Sugar said, he dug his own grave with his assholery.

Reward Challenge! Racing, puzzles, sprokets, flags. Time for tears! Reward was...not getting to see their loved ones in person. Instead they'd get video messages on a product placement phone. Before the challenge they each got little snippets of the messages, which lead to many tears, particularly from Sugar, whose sister mentioned their deceased father. The team of Sugar, Chrystal, and Bob won the first round. Last round was a slide puzzle, and Bob won it quickly. And surprise! His wife really was there in person! As were all the other loved ones! Hugs, tears. etc., but really big tears from Sugar, whose sister brought some of their dad's ashes to scatter.