GOLDEN GATE PARK: 20-year-old Brandon Evans was shot and killed while attending a party in Golden Gate Park on Saturday. According to reports, Evans was part of "about 100 young people drinking and listening to a live band perform at the horseshoe pits above the Conservatory of Flowers." It seems these types of gatherings are a common.

And 50-year-old Michael Allar, a Hayes Valley resident has had it up to here it them. He tells the Examiner that "the group of hooligans who congregate up there at the horseshoe pit are scary ... they're thugs. You hear them and nobody does anything about them — no cops, no gardeners, no park police, nothing. They send the mayor’s people up here to clean it up, but it’s nothing but Band-Aids." Crabnabbit.

Anyway, Evans died while en route to the hospital. And as always, no arrests have been made.