Following on the heels of other YouTube stars such as Chris Crocker and the Chocolate Rain guy, Mayor Gavin Newsom continues to harness the awesome power of the world wide web via a nifty new YouTube page. (New-ish, anyway. It says he joined in October.)

Today's Chronicle manages to muster up an astounding 900-plus word article on it, fellating "the tech-savvy mayor" and his latest way to getting his message out to a wider audience. (That is to say, this is all a part of his attempt to transition too Sacramento.) Not only will his YouTube cinematic masterpieces allow "wonky, long-winded Newsom to leave no detail on the cutting-room floor," but will also allow him to dive deeper into topics like ending homelessness and panhandling, improving the food stamp program, universal health care, turning Market Street medians into urban gardens, creating a local carbon fund, and other critical but zzzz-y stuff.

Newsom, we should point out, also pens for Daily Kos, the Huffington Post, and Salon. Not to be outdone, his wife, Jennifer Siebel, once wrote for SFist as well.

Anyway, you can check out his State of the City Address here. Newsom, Nathan Ballard, and staffers from the city's Department of Telecommunications and Information Services (?!) just finished up these videos at the new Academy of Sciences at 1 a.m. this morning.

But the not so great part of all this is that both the comments and ratings have been disabled. Boo. (You know we'd give your sharp features and momentum a five, Gavin. Bah.)