We heard from the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition today that at the November 6th of the Peninsula Corridor Joint Powers Board, there was still no word on increased capacity for bicycles on Caltrain.

Coincidentally, on the very day of the recent PCJPB meeting, we were very nearly bumped from the 5:46 pm northbound bullet at Menlo Park -- in spite of having a folding bike, there was no room for us in the bicycle car, so we sought refuge with four other folders in the (gasp!) luggage car, as four or five forlorn cyclists were left on the platform.

The Powers have told us that they don't want to remove seats to make room for bikes, but there were certainly plenty of available seats on our train. In fact, the SFBC has been collecting images of full bike cars and empty passenger seats for some time now, even though the Department of Homeland Security would like you to "Report any persons showing uncommon interest in critical infrastructure/key resource facilities, networks, or systems (e.g. photographing or videotaping assets)."

Details on Caltrain's 2008 Progress Report after the jump.