So what's the deal with the next round of Prop 8 protests? Oh, we are so glad you asked.

The next big one in SF is this Saturday at 10:30am at City Hall. The organizers put out a call for help -- they need folks to put up flyers, among other things. So, if you've got some spare time, what worthier cause could there be?

There's also a protest brewing on Friday at 6pm outside the Chron. Those protesters think the Chron under-reported the size of protest crowds. We're dubious about picketing the Chron -- seems like kind of a waste of energy, right? Okay, fine, they under-reported the crowd; but is that really our biggest worry right now? It just feels like a distraction, is all.

And that brings us to our even BIGGER concern: when the official no-on-8 campaign imploded after the election, it left behind a power vacuum. And now that vacuum is crammed with tons of grassroots organizers, many of whom are working independently and failing to join forces with each other. Everyone wants to be in charge of their own little campaign, nobody knows what the other organizers are planning, they're failing to share resources, and all we can see are missed opportunities for us to unite behind one strong solid message or goal.

Are we protesting Mormons? Or Catholics? Or newspapers? Are we running a boycott, or supporting lawsuits, or soliciting donations, or making noise? Do we even know what we're doing, or are we just jerking off?