That's what we get for overestimating people, we guess. Because it's still the same old shit, and it's embarrassingly incompetent.

A particularly nasty bout of insomnia had us half-assedly tooling around CL last night, where we saw a "3br - Nice,Beautiful 3 bedroom home for rent (mission district)" The entry has since been removed, damnit, or we'd republish the text for you right now. The exterior picture of the kind of crappy looking residence seemed commensurate with the low price being charged, and the entry itself didn't seem off, but we smelt something whiffy around the renter's email address, one "[email protected]" No offense to any real Pastor Larrys out there, but, come on.

Discarding the Gift of Fear for the possibility of a real-life $50 Porsche scenario (or at least an SFist post), we stripped all identifying information (OK, so we didn't discard the Gift of Fear stuff) from an old email account and emailed the address in the ad.

The response we've received is pasted after the jump, and, yeah, it's def a scam. Maybe we're a little too Mamet, but we expect more of our grifters. Do people really fall for this shit? Is it too much to ask that you actually make an effort to trick us? Jesus.