Oh my. Well, would you look at this? Some person(s) went out and posted these curiously legible signs around District One last night, besmirching the name of the beautifully spectacled Sue Lee. These posters, we're told, might be in response to Amanda Witherell's thoughtful article in the SFBG on Lee's "pro-development and anti-neighborhood" voting record. (In a nutshell, Lee, having worked with former Mayor Willie Brown, borrowed a page from the the Brownian book of mayoral leadership by collecting cash from developers with projects she voted to approve.)

SFist received these images this morning from an anonymous source, billing the posters as a "guerilla street response" to Lee. But since said images were also sent to several other sites and publications, we're suspicious of its guerilla-ness. And, really, these posters start a bad precedent. There are rules about campaign posters and the disclosures they are required to contain (e.g., what organization paid for them, etc.). These anonymous posters should and probably will be denounced by Lee's opponent Eric Mar (whose supporters, let's face it, might be the ones behind this.)

Rules aside, the posters are kind of amusing. This promises to be a fun week ahead of us in Baghdad by the Bay.

That being said, following the jump to vote on who you want to win the District One supe seat.