, Milk, Milk, Milk, Milk.


The city is abuzz, streetcars are being renamed, and our inbox is brimming over with requests for tickets to tonight's Milk premiere. (Sorry, folks, but we haven't received a single press release about it, much less a bounty of tickets to the celebrity-drenched screening at the Castro.)

Milk, in case you've been living at the center of the Earth for the majority of 2008, is Gus Van Sant's take on the life and death of former SF City Supervisor Harvey Milk, and was filmed on city streets earlier this year. It stars Sean Penn as the titular Harvey Milk. Penn is rumored to have turned in a People's Choice Award-worthy performance.

The premiere starts tonight at 6 p.m. at the Castro Theatre. Mayor Gavin Newsom, Tom Ammiano (who plays himself in the movie), Supervisor Bevan Dufty, and all the other semi-cool queers will be there. (For those of you lucky enough to have snatched tickets to tonight's "business-attire" affair, feel free to take a few shots of the scene around you. Then, you know, feel free to stick them in Flickr and tag them with "sfist" so we can be the envy of you come tomorrow.)

SF Film Society suggests that "if you can’t get a ticket to this already sold-out event, reserve a spot on the sidewalk for what’s sure to be a parade of this city’s notables, past and present." And if any of you knew Harvey (or even Dan White), let us know all about it in the comments. After all, 1978 was a remarkable time in San Francisco history and not a lot of us were there to experience it in all its popper-perfumed glory.