Oh, sure, you've seen all the coverage of Jan Gehl's plan to turn Fisherman's Wharf into something tolerable. But wouldn't you like to know more? The excellent SPUR is holding a forum TODAY about the city's plan to alleviate pedestrian-congestion by updating the neighborhood's 1950s-style freeway-inspired urban design: widening sidewalks, installing benches, and adding bike lanes, injunction be damned. After all, be honest: when's the last time you went to Fisherman's Wharf? Probably when you had out-of-town guests.

SPUR's guest will be urban designer Neil Hrushowy, explaining the plan and answering questions. It's at SPUR's office at 312 Sutter St. (at Grant), Fifth Floor, from 12:30 to 1:30 pm. "Feel free to bring a lunch," says SPUR, which is a nice way of saying, "no we're not feeding you; what do we look like, a Waffle House?" It's free for SPUR members and $5 for everyone else.


Don't miss their Thursday forum on high-speed rail! Rail expert Rod Diridon, Sr. is visiting. Says SPUR, "Let him lead you on a world tour of high-speed rail systems and then enjoy a spirited and informed discussion of the practicalities and politics of California's proposed high speed rail." Same time, place, and catering arrangements as before.