While many fret over Prop. 8 (gay matrimony), Prop. H (clean energy), and this, let's not forget about most important issue for San Franciscans re election 2008: Proposition R, the Presidential Memorial Commission.

Even though most of the local media have come out against the measure, to defend the honor of the sewage plant and its workers (never mind that the union that represents them endorsed R), the rechristening of the Oceanside Water Pollution Control Plant to the George W. Bush Sewage Plant looks like it might win. At least according to professor emeritus of political science at San Francisco State University, Rich DeLeon, who explains to the Gate, "I think a lot of San Franciscans really believe it's necessary, even if it's somewhat tongue-in-cheek."

Well, not that many San Franciscans.

Oh, and you want to read the Prop. R haiku-ed descriptive as it appears on the official voter pamphlet? Of course you do.

Need Bush memor'l?

Sewage plant available.

How appropriate.

Anyway, the grassroots group spearheading the name change is asking voters to print out these posters and stick them up in the window of their preference. You know, if you want to help spread the word. And come election night, the Presidential Memorial Commission will organize a press conference to announce the results at City Hall, hosted by Peaches Christ. The festivities will (most likely) be aired on TV.

Update: Oh, another thing not to forget: Hogarth's equally-inventive idea to rename Bush Street.