Elina has a tattoo above her ladybits that says "A voice for those who can't speak." So, does her vagina speak for those who can't? And is it available for speaking engagements?

The models walk in on Tyra in the middle of a photoshoot, which she stops long enough to talk about how great her poses are, and how her signature pose is...staring off into the distance. The models are then asked to create their own signature poses. Marjorie decided her signature pose would be "Hunchback of Notre Dame." Seriously. And you know what? She totally aced it and won the challenge. She decided to share her jewelry-shopping prize with Analeigh.

Photoshoot! It was an awards-show themed shoot, specifically, the Fiercees, the fake awards created by Tyra for her talk show. The photos depicted embarrassing awards-show scenarios. Marjorie's set-up was trying to go to the bathroom in a dress you can't get out of. And once again, she did a really good job, utilizing her signature awkward Hunchback Pose (TM).