Whether you're a crazy liberal or a crazy Republican, we can all agree that we don't want the government to veto strong, healthy, stable marriages. So what are you going to do about it -- just sit there and whine, or get out and make a difference?

Now's your chance to strike at the heart of the anti-marriage ban: SFist_Matt (currently at work on marriage interviews at Stop8.org) is teaming up with some other cool folks to shoot some online political videos, and he needs people to be in them. So he's recruiting talent. (That's you!) It's unpaid, like so many worthy causes; but there will be snacks.

If you'd like to appear in a video, and you're available in the city on Saturday (the 18th) from noon to 4, write to viral - at - stop8 - dot - org. Include your name and age; and if you're fluent in Spanish, mention that as well. They're looking for folks under 30 to look confidently into the camera and deliver some assertive lines about why voting in this election is so important, and what we all -- gay and straight -- stand to lose if Prop 8 passes and the state starts blocking marriages.